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The Ageless Beauty Business Opportunity

Elline Surianello

Founder and CEO

1- In search of a solution for her own hair loss, Elline Surianello developed a system of hair replacement for women that launched LeMetric Hair Design Studio in 1991. Thirty years and thousands of clients later, Surianello is recognized as one of New York’s most successful business owners.

2- Surianello discovered that by understanding women’s wants and needs, businesses both large and small can thrive by catering to this market. All women at some time of their lives need to reinvent themselves following major life changes such as divorce, loss or illness, and they need experts to guide them. 

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3- This presents an opportunity for a wide range of businesses to meet women’s needs. Whether a retail business for goods like cosmetics and clothing or a service like cosmetic surgery and dentistry, Ageless Beauty is a resource for women to find products and services they can trust.

4- Ageless Beauty will drive traffic to its website with Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Video Production and Customized Web Pages for each participating business.

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5- Ageless Beauty is the consumer facing platform for the Lifestyle Beauty Network, a consortium of businesses targeting women age 50+.

To learn more and discover how your business or brand can benefit as an Ageless Beauty network participant, contact Elline Surianello at 800-217-9052.


124 East 40th Street, Suite 601
New York, NY 10016

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