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What to Read Now – Economically

When we are busy with careers, raising children, or caring for others, there is not much time to read. For many of us, the only time to get into a good book was on the rare vacation – without kids.

As we get older, things change. Children grow up and move out, we are not striving as hard with our careers, or maybe we’ve retired. Now is the opportune time to find a quiet and comfortable spot and snuggle up with a good book.

What may surprise you is the price of a new book these days. Paperbacks that were once $5.95 are now as high as $16. Hard cover books exceed $20, and if you think you’re going to save money by downloading the title, books on Kindle are now up to $14.95. If you are an avid reader who can finish 3 to 4 books a month, you’re reading habit can become very costly.

What are the alternatives? There’s always the local library, but if the book is popular, you may wait a long time to get it. Many online book resellers charge only $3 to $4. Resellers include ebay, Thrift Books, and Abe Books among others. Even Amazon carries books from resellers. Google can connect you to other outlets.

How to find a good book? We like to Google Pulitzer Prize winners, Booker Prize winners and National Book Award winners among others. Going back in time will lead you to the best books ever written that you can get for less.

Happy reading!


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