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Apply blush not on the apples of the cheeks but above the cheek bone and blend upward to draw attention up.

Play Up the Eyes

As women get older, their eyelashes get thinner and brittle. To make the most of them, curl lashes with a lash curler starting at the root. Avoid thickening formulas that clump on fragile lashes. Choose black or black brown mascara and the same color for eyeliner


Eyeshadow is optional but if you choose to use it, choose a matte finish and avoid anything that glimmers as it will accentuate wrinkles. To apply it, use a small brush working from the outer corner inward gradually lightening the color.

Softer colors are more flattering for mature women instead of bright bold color you may have worn when you were younger. If your lips are uneven, use a soft, creamy lip liner in the same color, applying it in four strokes from the outer corner to the bow of the lips.

Have Fun!
Have fun experimenting with a new look instead of relying on the makeup you have used forever. There have been many advances in makeup formulation over the years and with this guidance, you can find the look most flattering to your face.

The makeup that worked when you were forty may not work for you as you age. After fifty, the rule is less is more. According to makeup artist Sandy Linter, “Wear the makeup, don’t have it wear you. Instead of trying to hide the flaws, enhance what you’ve got.”

Prep the Skin
There are a wide range of products for women over fifty to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate the skin. Companies like Chanel, Shisheido and Lancome offer products beneficial to women over fifty, but one can also shop in the pharmacy makeup aisle if you know what to look for. Seek out products that hydrate, strengthen the skin and contain anti-aging and plumping ingredients with collagen boosting properties.

Choose a sheer, hydrating foundation and apply it with a damp sponge or foundation brush. Go a shade or two warmer than your skin rather than matching your skin color so you don’t look washed out. Look for color tinted moisturizers or foundations that contain moisturizer.

Makeup Tips for Women Over Fifty


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